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Geely Service insists on
Strive for every second of time for customers at the fastest speed
Tighten each screw for the customer with the utmost rigor
Make customers feel at ease with the most sincere smile

Every maintenance action is standard
Every professional tool can accurately grasp
Orderly maintenance environment
Meticulous work attitude

Because Geely knows
Professionalism can create perfect quality
Perfect quality is the root of customer satisfaction

Dedicated to the needs of our customers
Compete for customer satisfaction
Always think of the customer
Let customers have no worries

Good-hearted and thoughtful approach
Efficient and pragmatic
Concern for subtleties
Is the reason for customers to trust us
Everything comes from professional instinct
More from the concern of the customer itself
Emotions like old friends
Caring is in the slightest


Three-pack principle

Motorcycles that have passed the inspection according to technical standards will be affected by the quality defects caused by manufacturing, packaging, storage and transportation during the three-package period, which will affect the appearance, integrity and performance. The responsibility of the company is the responsibility of the company (test The products processed at a discount are not in the scope of the Three Guarantees.

The three packs are mainly adjusted and repaired, supplemented by new ones, and the three packs can be exchanged for one piece. The vehicles after the three bags should meet the relevant technical requirements of the company.

Three guarantee period

The leap year or 10,000 km after the purchase of the car belongs to the three-pack period.

Three-package range

1. During the three-package period, the vehicle will be affected by the failure caused by the manufacture and assembly quality of the product, giving three packs of 10,000km for two years.
2. The following parts are put into three packs in one year or 6000 km: speedometer soft shaft, tachometer flexible shaft and battery.
3. The following parts are not included in the three-package range: fuses (tubes), standard fasteners, brake shoes (pieces) (normal wear), inner and outer tires (normal wear), decals (because they are attached Except for three parts of the parts, oil filter, air filter element, lubricating oil (fat), etc.
4. For other items that are not guaranteed, please refer to the information of the user in the “Carriage Maintenance Guide”.



How to drive more fuel efficient?


Knowing how to save fuel while driving is a key issue in the maintenance of motorcycles.   

1. After starting the motorcycle cold car start, wait for the engine to run for about one minute, and pull the choke handle back to the fully open position. Some people like to close the choke valve at an angle, so that the combustible mixture entering the cylinder is too rich, resulting in Increased fuel consumption and reduced engine power. Some people start the motorcycle after starting, which not only does not save fuel, but also accelerates the wear of the internal parts of the engine.


2. Start Application Start with low gear. The clutch is not opened before the clutch is combined. When the clutch is in the semi-coupling state, the clutch is slowly relaxed, and the throttle is slowly opened to adapt to the engine speed and starting requirements, so that the motorcycle starts smoothly. Otherwise, the work is not continuous, and the loose clutch is turned off. This is repeated several times and consumes a lot of fuel.


3. Shift Master the timing of shifting and shift gears in time. After the motorcycle starts, if the road conditions are smooth and smooth, it must be quickly replaced by the low speed gear into the high speed gear. Do not storm or drive for long periods of time. When you feel that the engine is running low and the speed is gradually decreasing (for example, going uphill), the original gear should not be adapted to continue driving, you should quickly drop to the lower gear, do not hard support, make the engine too difficult, and do not use the clutch half linkage And increase the throttle to increase the speed.


4. Fully utilizing inertia during driving can also save fuel: one is when you want to stop, you only need to use the inertia of the motorcycle without the brakes, and automatically stop after a period of oil reduction. Another is to find obstacles in the farther ahead, ahead of schedule. The deceleration neutral slides, and the speed is reduced when encountering an obstacle, which avoids the consumption of the engine energy by the brake deceleration method, thereby saving fuel.


5. Accelerate Do not add the throttle to the end when accelerating. The force used by the fuel door is as long as it is at the speed you need. Don't relax any more, so as not to consume more fuel. Some people have developed a habit by driving: getting on the bus and slamming the oil, getting off the car and slamming the oil, and even replacing the horn with empty oil. This not only increases the consumption of gasoline, but also accelerates the wear of the parts and increases the noise of the engine.


How to drive more fuel efficient?


Driving at night is weak, the line of sight is poor, the driving speed should be lower than the daytime, and try to drive in the right direction of the center of the road. The distance traveled at night should be increased, generally more than 50 meters.


Driving at night should be able to skillfully change the light and correctly judge the road surface. Driving on urban streets and on well-lit roads, you can drive near lights. When driving on a flat road without street lights, the high beam should be turned on and the speed can be controlled at around 35 km/h. When you find the opposite car, you should slow down, turn the light into low beam, and choose the ideal parking lot. If the light of the other vehicle makes you dazzle, you should immediately drive on the side, and you should constantly change the light to inform the other party to turn off the high beam. If necessary, you should take the initiative to stop.


The judgment of the road at night is very important. If the light is found on the side of the road, it means that it is a curve: if the road suddenly disappears, it means a sharp turn or a steep slope; if the road appears white, it is usually the water. According to the above judgment, it should be decelerated in advance and drive safely. Driving at night is weak, the line of sight is poor, the driving speed should be lower than the daytime, and try to drive in the right direction of the center of the road. The distance traveled at night should be increased, generally more than 50 meters.


What should you pay attention to on the slope?


Motorcycles run straight on a short slope and can be ramped at high speed without slowing down or downshifting. If you make a sharp turn after going uphill or the road is unclear, you can first rush the slope at high speed, slow down when approaching the top of the slope, and then continue driving after seeing the road. A long steep slope is encountered, allowing high-speed slopes. If it is a step-variable motorcycle, you can change the low gear according to the engine power. The shift should be timely and the action should be agile. After changing the low gear, you should quickly increase the throttle forward. When going downhill, if you find that the front is an undulating slope, you can make full use of the inertia slope when you are safe. When going downhill, when the line of sight is good, you can hang up the gear and use the inertia to slow down and save fuel. When the steep slope is down, it is strictly forbidden to hang the gear to avoid accidents caused by the failure of the brake device.


Uphill should try to avoid parking, especially for graded-speed motorcycles, it is more difficult to get uphill. After parking on the slope, the clutch should be disengaged, the right foot should be braked and the left foot should be grounded to prevent the vehicle from slipping behind. When starting on the slope, the clutch, throttle, and brake should be well coordinated, and the throttle should be properly increased to gradually loosen the clutch. When you feel the driving force of the rear wheel, relax the brake and increase the throttle, and the vehicle will start smoothly. The main key to starting on the slope is to release the brake. If the brake is released too early, the vehicle will slip backwards; if the brake is released too late, the engine will turn off. In short, it is difficult to get uphill, and it is necessary to practice repeatedly to achieve proficiency.

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