Zhejiang Jiming Industrial Co., Ltd. was established on April 8, 1995. It was formerly known as Geely Group Zhejiang Motorcycle Co., Ltd. It is the starting company for the manufacture of motorcycles of Geely Group. It is the earliest enterprise to develop luxury pedal-type motorcycles in China.

The company is located in Luoyang Geely Automobile City, Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, close to the National Expressway and National Highway 104. It is close to Taizhou Airport and Haimen Port. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient.

The company is a large and medium-sized enterprise specializing in the production of pedal-type motorcycles, Geely and Jiming brand riding bicycles. It is the earliest enterprise in China to successfully manufacture luxury pedal-type motorcycles. It is known as the “Pedestrian Kingdom”.

The company now has a complete production process facilities, strong technical development strength and advanced technical design means, has formed a pattern of vehicle CAD, DAD-assisted design, painting and assembly one-stop production and processing. The company now has complete engine assembly, complete vehicle assembly production technology, a total of 3 process lines, with 17 sets of main production equipment and 31 sets of main testing equipment. In addition, the company also has a supporting motorcycle emission laboratory and vehicle performance testing line, with a comprehensive production capacity of over 100,000.

The company's "Jili brand" motorcycle was awarded "China Famous Brand", "China Green Product", "Zhejiang Famous Brand Product", "Zhejiang Famous Brand" and other honors. In recent years, the company has been striving to build the “Ji Ming” brand as the company's high-end brand. We have successfully developed 400GB, 500CC and other large-displacement “Ji Ming” brand high-end motorcycles. JM400 and JM500 Princes have obtained announcements. The products are in short supply, and there are also three rounds of “Flyer” leading in the domestic market. The above products are widely concerned by the domestic and international markets.

The company is mainly export-oriented, and the exporting countries include the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. The company is a scientific and technological enterprise in Zhejiang Province, "China Manufacturing Network Certification Supplier", "Taizhou Import and Export Association Vice President Unit", "Taizhou The city's import and export credit enterprise A-level enterprise has a group of experienced management and technical management, technology, development, production and foreign trade personnel. The company has a variety of middle and senior talents, of which 70% of the college education or above, usually through the master with apprentices, job skills identification, technical competition and encourage innovation activities, has created a courage to innovate, dare to take responsibility, discipline And a skilled workforce. In peacetime, the company attaches great importance to talent work and harmonious labor relations. It has been rated as the outstanding talent enterprise in the Luqiao District in 2017, the outstanding enterprise of harmonious labor relations, the pioneer of Taizhou City, and the advanced team of Luqiao District.

Relying on the powerful technology platform of Geely Automobile, the company is committed to building the most cost-effective motorcycle in China, and strives to build the most cost-effective motorcycle in China, making the safest, most energy-saving and most environmentally friendly car.

The company always pursues the business philosophy of honesty, truth-seeking, flexibility and efficiency, and follows the market law to achieve sustainable and rapid development of the company through professional production and social cooperation. The company takes "the responsibility of the brand at all times, always make customers satisfied" as the quality policy, to the management to benefit, to the technology to quality.

Geely logo meaning

To the sun, we can absorb infinite heat through the baptism of competition. Only in this way can we reinvent the key to carry forward the national spirit, and then we can conquer the world and surpass it.
Do not give up, create a safer, more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient car, true love, happy life, accompanied by Geely
“oval”:It symbolizes the earth and means facing the world and becoming international. The ellipse is relatively stable in the dynamics. It shows and wishes that Geely’s career is stable and rock-solid, standing in the wind and rain:“Six six”:
1)Symbolizing the light of the sun, only by entering the sun can we absorb infinite heat. Only after the baptism of competition can we become a steel;
2)Six six,“Liuliu Dashun”Wishing luck, good luck;
3)Six six,Geely step by step, constantly surpassing, development is endless;
4)Six six,The essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture is the spiritual source of Geely's continuous development and transcendence;5)Six six,Developing national industry and going global is the pursuit of Geely’s reluctance:“Inner circle azure”:Symbol
The vast sky, beyond the endless, the development is endless;“Outer ring dark blue”Symbolizes the innocent universe, transcends infinity, and has unlimited space:
1)From the earth to the sun, from the vast sky to the innocent universe, only with such an open mind, with such a strong spirit of transcendence, can we continue to succeed and develop endlessly:
2)From Zhejiang and China, from China to the world; from the region and the nation, from the nation to the international, Geely will not give up, only to create a safer, more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient car
3)All the innovations and hard work, all the sweat, just for a true desire: happy life, accompanied by Geely.

Ji Ming logo meaning

Jiming logo design is based on the left and right symmetrical wings to join the pattern with Chinese and English "Ji Ming, JIMING" centered, the overall body metal texture is presented in the middle color positioning blue, which belongs to the brand color, but also in the original On the basis of upgrading to a more pure Tianlan environmental protection technology image, Jiming LOGO visual communication is full of strength and fashion sense; wings are a symbol of vitality and power, orderly and rhythm, shield is a symbol of noble king, symbolizing perseverance Quality and unlimited glory.
The implication is that the Jiming Motorcycle brand is based on the strong technology and influence of the Group. With the glory of the glory in the higher and further distance of the motorcycle brand, it also contains the excellent quality positioning of the Jiming series products, and free and unrestrained. The passionate fashion brand style, high-end, three-dimensional, avant-garde, quality, and vitality.



“Team spirit”It is the basic guiding ideology of the Geely people. Through communication, coordination and cooperation, we will create a good corporate environment of ”fairness, openness and fairness”, and form a situation in which we will work together.


“LEARNING”It is the source of the success of the Geely people. They must dare to learn, be good at learning, learn and adapt in change, generate and develop in adaptation, regard active learning and learning as a work ability, long-term persistence, and lifelong practice.“Everyone is a teacher, everyone is a student”It is the basic learning concept and outlook on life of all Geely people.


“INNOVATION”It is the soul of Geely. Through the extensive research activities and the rationalization of employees, it can realize the innovation of all employees; realize the management innovation through the modernization, informationization and standardization of management concepts and means; and the extensive participation of the whole society through extensive cooperation all over the world. Achieve cooperation and win-win for new technologies.


“HARD WORKING”Reflected in the high efficiency and fast pace of work, reflected in the completion of the task“Not the Great Wall is not a good man””In the heroic feelings, embodied in“Don't bow, don't admit defeat, wipe the tears, hold on”The heroic spirit is reflected in the formulation of realistic and phased goals, encourages moderate advancement, and opposes arrogance.


“TRUTH-SEEKING”It is an important guarantee for Geely's career to last forever. Respecting objective facts and studying objective laws are more important connotations of seeking truth from facts; adapting to local conditions and seeking correct solutions is the soul of seeking truth from facts.



“CONTINUOUS LMPROVING”It is the fundamental requirement for the sustainable development of Geely's business. The core content of the spirit of excellence is the high quality, low cost of Geely products and the fine construction of the supporting system. It is reflected in the R&D, procurement, production, sales and after-sales service, as well as the training and training of talents, the continuous improvement of the control system, and the continuous improvement of the cost control level.

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